The GGM Great Group Medical was established in 1996 by a strong team of Biomedical engineers well trained from major respiratory care OEMs. Includes: High flow nasal cannula, High flow oxygen therapy, Bubble CPAP, Respiratory heated humidifier, Heater wire breathing circuit, Tracheostomy HME

GGM Products

GGM is one of few companies in the market who provides both active and passive solutions of humidification products for ventilator dependant patients, Our product lines includes:

  • All ranges of heated humidifier, humidifier chamber, heater wire and non heater wire breathing circuits.
  • All range of HME,HME filter, Bacterial/Virus filter, Main flow filter ,HEPA filter ,Spirometry filter, Suction/ Insufflation filter, CPAP/BIPAP filter .
  • GGM NP series Infant Nasal prong for CPAP.
  • GGM MDA series Patent designed Multi-Dimension Adjustment CPAP/BIPAP/NIV full face and nasal masks
  • New product release in 2013 ,Infant Bubble CPAP system HFT Nasal prong High flow therapy system

Also we provide medical equipment includes: Nasal high flow cannula, nasal high flow oxygen therapy, high flow therapy device, high flow system, Bubble CPAP, Respiratory heated humidifier, TracheostomyEmbedded Heater wire breathing circuit

Certifications of GGM Products

  • FDA Listing
  • ISO13485 certified Facility under DNV
  • GMP certified Facility Taiwan
  • JPAL certified Facility Japan
  • CE Mark Certified under DNV