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Nasal Cannula / High flow nasal cannula

Tracheostomy Interface (Option) Nasal Cannula / High flow nasal cannula

REF HFN-0006




Size For Infant (flow rate 5~15 L/min)


For Adult (flow rate 15~50 L/min)



Nasal Cannula / High flow nasal cannula Informations:

HUMIFOFLO represents a new era of respiratory care. The high flow delivery of Oxygen and humidity can dramatically increase the tracheal humidity and temperature, meanwhile providing a better transport for mucociliary clearance.

Compare to traditional mask type Oxygen therapy, GGM nasal cannula, with its large aperture and ultra-soft texture, has become a more comfortable and acceptable solution among patients.

With HUMIOFLO, patients can eat, drink and communicate during therapy. This allows comfortable, effective delivery of humidified, continuous high flow gas, blended with Oxygen up to 100%, creating an ideal solution for a wide range of respiratory failure patients.


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