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Bubble CPAP System

VN-BC01 Bubble CPAP System

Bubble CPAP System






 Bubble CPAP System 

 -1x Bubble CPAP Circuit w/chamber 

 -1x Safety Valve Kit 

 -1x CPAP Generator 

20 sets/ctn


Infant Bubble CPAP System Informations:

GGM infant bubble CPAP system is specially designed for premature infants. It provides a continuous positive airway pressure to infants through an ultra-soft nasal prong (NCPAP). With the combined effects of humidifiers and pressure oscillations generated by safe and effective method of respiratory support to spontaneously breathing neonates with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS).

The whole system completes with a servo control humidifier, full ranges of nasal prong, CPAP generator, heater wire circuits and pressure release safety valve. Complete system for application of continuous positive airway pressure to neonates and infants by nasal prongs (NCPAP) administered with a heater wire circuit used in conjunction with continuous flow source infant ventilator or a suitably equipped multipurpose ventilator.


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