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Chamber Series

VD-4011-071 Chamber Series

Asorbant Paper






 Asorbant Paper

 Inlet / Outlet (mm)


 Compressible Volume Empty


 Compressible Volume Full


 Maximum Water Capacity


 Maximum Peak Flow


 Resistace (cmH2O)









 290 g

 Package (cm)

 100 sheets / pack


Respiratory Heated Humidifier Informations:

Our Respiratory Humidifier is part of a complete system to provide warm and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support. Fully automatic for simple and rapid set-up, the 2600A Respiratory Humidifier has many advanced features, including preset default temperatures, a selectable temperature display, alarm panel with location indicators and a range of safety features. Suitable for Invasive or Non-Invasive Ventilation and Heated or Non-Heated Wire Breathing Systems.


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