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Tracheostomy HME

Passive humidification is a process whereby the heat and moisture recovered from the exhaled air is conserved in exchanger and is used again in the inspiratory process. The heat and moisture exchanger is positioned like an artificial nose between the patient interface and breathing circuit.

GGM also offer Trachestomy HME series for homecare and clinical use. This is convenient for patients to keep heat and moisture when patients accept invasive treatment.VH-1160 (HME-T1) with oxygen port for delivering oxygen treatment. VH-1161(HME-T2) with oxygen enrich kit VH-1161-1 helps to increase oxygen delivery. VH-1167(HME-T3) with a safety valve provides an easy method to archiving same function. We combine both advantages of foresaid products to announce the latest VH-1168(HME-T4) with a safety valve and an oxygen port. It is easy assembled with circuits, benefited to oxygen delivery and convenient to process when sputum is generated and obstructed.

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