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Humidoflo HFT / High flow oxygen therapy

HF-2900 Humidoflo HFT / High flow oxygen therapy

Humidoflo HFT System





 W350 x D180 x H170 mm


 2.54 kg (W/O chamber fitted)

Electrical Power

 (1) Supply voltage: 230±23V 2A , 115±12V 3A

 (2) Supply frequency: 50~60Hz

 (3) Heater wire capacity: 60W max

 (4) Heater plate capacity: 150W, 110˚C max

Heater Plate Overheat

 Cutoff: 115±3˚C

Warm-up Time

 10 minutes to 30˚C airway

 30 minutes to 37˚C airway

Flow Setting Range

 Adult Mode: 15~50, L/min step=5 L/min

 Infant Mode: 5~15, L/min step=1 L/min

Temperature Control

 (1) Airway 37˚C (Setting Range 32˚C~41˚C)

 (2) Chamber 34˚C (Setting Range 31˚C~37˚C)

Oxygen % Measure

 21~100% refer to FiO2 Table

SpO2 Measure


HR Measure


Alarm Parameters

 (1) Airway: High alarm / Low alarm

 (2) Chamber: High alarm / Low alarm

 (3) Circuit: Tube off/ Cannula off

Recommended Ambient Temp



 (1) IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2

 (2) ISO 8185:1997


 1 set per carton

 Carton: L41 x W24 x H32 cm


Humidoflo HFT / High flow oxygen therapy Informations:

GGM HF-2900D Humidiflo® represents a new state of the art technology for delivery of high standard high flow therapy for pediatric and adult patients in hospital, home, acute and subacute clinical settings.

.Consist of a Servo Controlled Flow generator with an integrated humidification and oxygen enrichment systems.
.Deliver up to 50lpm of inspiratory flow in adult patients. This flow rate helps meet patients breathing requirements as well as helps maintain their body temperature whilst delivering up to 99% relative humidity.

HF2900D provides a more patient-friendly and effective treatment for both pediatric and adults in various circumstance. HMIDOFLO assistances patients that are spontaneously breathing but have an increased work of breathing by providing a continuous high flow of medical gas intended to create a wash-out of the upper airway. Conditions such as general respiratory failure, asthma exacerbation, COPD exacerbation, Bronchiolitis, Pneumonia, and Congestive Heart Failure, premature infants with Infant respiratory distress syndrome are all possible situations where high-flow therapy may be indicated.

HUMIDOFLO completes integral with monitoring function FiO2/ Proximal airway pressure/ SPO2/ HR. It provides an easy-to-operate system and a wide but applicable range of flow and temperature settings. The flow setting range is Adult Mode: 15~50 L/min with steps in 5 l/min; Infant Mode: 5~15 L/min with steps in 1 l/min. And the temperature is automatically controlled with Airway 31˚C (Setting Range 31˚C~37˚C) and Chamber 31˚C (Setting Range 31˚C~37˚C).

HUMIDOFLO is easy to operate, powerful in functions and very patient friendly. Please contact with us for more details and enquiry.

HUMIDOFLO is an innovative respiratory care system delivering high flows of blended oxygen through a unique Nasal Cannula.It is an innovative therapy delivering high flow Humidified Oxygen through a special designed nasal cannula. NHFT is widely used among pediatric and neonate. Research shows that it could reduce 50.7% of unnecessary incubation among adults. It is comfortable, easy, and suitable for age from 0-99. NHFT can cover remedies from emergency, hospital to long term home care. GGM believes that, in the future, this innovative product will benefit all patients.


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